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A subsidiary of True Heart Home Care, LLC

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OUR MISSION is to help create a positive change in one of this nation's most dangerous cities ranked by the FBI. The city of Detroit has been plagued for years as having one of the highest unemployment rates, incarceration, recidivism, and poverty. 

OUR VISION is to create jobs in what some call the "Come Back City". The renaissance has begun and THHC Products is looking to use its minority supplier diversity certification to connect with other corporations, manufacturers, and distributors on the Billion Dollar Roundtable who also wish to be a part of history in the re-birth of our beloved hometown. Connect with us to make a significant difference in the lives of those within the communities that need it the most. The city of Detroit is the first community we plan on empowering and it will act as a model so that others will see that through efforts like ours we can and will help & empower.  #SocialEntrepreneurship

With plans on increasing our product line, we currently manufacture and distribute personal care, home, and tech products like these that make life easier.

*free shipping on PPE (orders over $19)